Maro Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump (AODD)


"AODD" stands for "Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump." It is a type of pump that utilizes compressed air to drive the reciprocating motion of two diaphragms, creating fluid movement during both the suction and discharge cycles.

- Versatility: AODD pumps are suitable for handling a variety of liquids, including corrosive, viscous, and abrasive fluids.
- Self-Priming Capability: These pumps can self-prime, allowing them to draw in liquids without the need for external priming.
- Ease of Maintenance: AODD pumps have a relatively simple construction, making them easy to maintain and clean.
- Leak Prevention: Due to the absence of mechanical seals between diaphragms and the fluid, the risk of leaks is minimized.

- Chemical Industry: AODD pumps are commonly used for handling various chemicals, such as acids, bases, and solvents.
- Food and Beverage: In food and beverage processing, AODD pumps can be used for conveying liquids, pastes, and suspensions.
- Oil and Gas: In oil fields and refineries, AODD pumps can handle petroleum, lubricating oils, and other fluids.
- Water Treatment: AODD pumps find applications in conveying, mixing, and treating chemical additives in water treatment processes.

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