Manual Butterfly Valve

A Buttery valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve that is used to stop, regulate, and start the ow. Buttery valve has a short circular body. Buttery Valve is suitable for large valve applications due to compact, lightweight design that requires considerably less space, as compared to other valves.

Type of buttery valve:

1. Concentric buttery valves – this type of valve has a resilient rubber seat with a metal disc.
2. Doubly-eccentric buttery valves (high-performance buttery valves or double-oset buttery valves) – dierent type of materials is used for seat and disc.
3. Triply-eccentric buttery valves (triple-oset buttery valves) – the seats are either laminated or solid metal seat design.

Size/Rating: NPS 2~160(DN50-DN4000) CLASS 125~150(PN6~16)
Body Materials: Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel, Cast Steel
End: Flange/Weld/Clip-on
Basic Design: API 609, ASME B16.34
Face to Face/End to End: API 609
End Dimension: ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47, EN 1092-1
Test & Inspection: API 598, EN 12266

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