On Off Actuated Valve

An ON/OFF Valve has two states of operation either open or close. It is identical in operation to an electric switch. In other words, the on/off valve is the fluid equivalent of an electrical switch. It either allows the fluid to pass or block through it. A tap to fill an overhead tank is the best example of an on-off valve. The tap has two modes of operation either fully open or fully closed.

- Various types of actuators are available, including electric, pneumatic, pneumatic-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, etc.
- Various valve types are available, including ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, etc.
- Various materials are available, including carbon steel, alloy steel, atainless steel, etc.
- Valves can be operated remotely or by side with high degree of automation.
- Valves can be applied to various emergency conditions.
- Valves can be used as emergency shut-off valve (ESDV)(optional).
- SIL-2 & SIL-3 certifivated.

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